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Organic Technologies’s Omega-3 is made of only white fish concentrates qualified to the highest standards of freshness, purity and quality. Our fish oils are contained plenty of essential fatty acids such as EPA and DHA selectively concentrated by series of advanced molecular distillation technology and concentration techniques.

MSC Certified
(Marine Stewardship Council)
IFOS Certified
(International Fish Oil Standard)
Halal Certified
(Certification for Muslim)
NSF Certified
(National Sanitation Foundation)>

Vitae Naturals®
The Vitaenatural's Tocopherol containing vitamin E protects the body cells from the damages caused by free radical as doing a role of powerful antioxidant.

•vitamin E effects.
•cell membrane/antioxidant.
•lower bad cholestero level.
•preventiing/mitigating the symptoms of cardiovascular disorders, cataract and arthritis.