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Welcome and thank you for visiting our official web site. Our company name “Baeckjung” is actually came from Chinese letters(白中 Baeck-Jung) which mean that offering and serving hundred treasures to our ancestors in Asia culture. With that meaning of our company name, our goal is to support and help for your health and prosperous life by providing the best products.

We are doing researches for new materials which are needed for food, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical sectors, and independently developing and generating various functional products for aged people with creative thinking defiant spirit to provide new and various life values.

Besides, we are currently networking and cooperating with many oversea partners to be more prepared for quickly changing contemporary year and coping with current health and nutritional trends of contemporary people.

For customer surprising, creating value, and being a leading company...
Customer-oriented company is the company that offers the vest quality to meet the customer’s need. Accordingly, we always make an effort to satisfy your needs, and lead you to the better future with our products. To be a global leader in health functional food industry, we will continue to pioneer with creative passion and determination.

To lead the market...
Without stop and satisfying at our current position, we will always provides “Total-Service” to our customers and clients, and make creative market trends while our company is growing and building a trustful relationship with our customer. Without losing our initial resolution, mind-set and goals, we will approach to our customers and clients with the best service and quality products. We, Baeckjung International Co., Ltd, sincerely thank you for your trust and love, and kindly request your continuous attention and advices.

Baeck Jung International Co., Ltd.

Business Fields

“Providing the best service aiming for happy and healthy life.”
We will always to do our best to be a market leader and necessary enterprise in the market and in health-related industry. To achieve this goal, we provide “One-Stop” service which is necessary for product development, understanding domestic and global market tends. Furthermore, to maximize the value of healthy life, we handle and manage the raw materials as well as finished products such as food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical which are also key-words in current well-being year.

Functional Ingredients
Functional food ingredients, Food additives, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic.

New Market Creation
Supply various new materials and formulas in local and global market.

Product Development Consulting
Global trends, Marketing directiion, Total consulting service.

Elderly Care Products
Introducing new products, Self-developed products, Reasonable price.

Vision & Value

Creative Thinking & Challenge

The market-leading company with creative thinking & challenging.

Customer Surprise & Value Creation

The client and customer friendly company for customer surprise & value creation.

Leading Company

The first-class raw material company contributing to human health & happy life.